Mindray DC-55 ultrasound machine




In an effort to provide quality and affordable medical care, Mindray has developed the next generation DC-55 multifunction ultrasound system. The DC-55 combines a suite of application programs, automatic measurement tools, and built-in training programs to make ultrasound examinations accurate, efficient, and affordable, and provide users with exceptional capabilities. Mindray understands the importance of optimum performance. The 10.4 inch touch screen provides ease of use and helps reduce stress in daily clinical work, while the compact design and built-in battery ensures maximum mobility.

PSH™ (phase-shifted harmonic imaging) efficiency
Purified harmonic imaging for better contrast resolution provides sharper images with superior resolution and less noise.


With this feature, individual slices taken from different angles can be combined into a single image, resulting in increased contrast resolution and improved visualization.

Improved image quality through automatic tissue character detection.
– Sharper and more consistent edges
– Smoother and more uniform tissue display
– Reduced graininess in areas without echoes


Multi-beam generation
Using up to 4 receiving elements per emitted ultrasound signal, superior temporal resolution and higher frame rate can be achieved.


Using panoramic imaging to display scanning speed and bi-directional scanning, the user gets a detailed view of the extended anatomical structure, making scanning more convenient, reliable and manageable.

Expanded viewing angle on all convex and linear transducers provides more information about the anatomical structure.


Advanced biopsy tool: allows you to adjust the deflection of the ultrasound beam to better display the needle, nerves and small vessels.

Free Xros M™.
Anatomic M Mode. Perform precise anatomical measurements with the M Mode cursor freely positioned at any angle. Get more diagnostic information with up to 3 M Mode cursors simultaneously.

Free Xros CM™
The enveloping (non-linear) M-mode. Obtaining of full information about cardiac muscle motion in different phases and simultaneous determination of myocardial synchronization. Accuracy of the results is ensured by high frame rate.

TDI and TDI QA (Tissue Doppler with Quantitative Analysis)
Tissue Doppler imaging functions can be used to quantify myocardial motion and assess overall cardiac muscle function.


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