Mindray DC-60 Exp ultrasound machine




The DC-60 Exp with X-Insight is a new solution developed by Mindray to meet all current needs. Unlimited system capabilities allow for the highest level of examinations. Any level of practitioner can operate the unit on a daily basis with complete confidence and ease. The DC-60 Exp X-Insight’s high performance ensures accurate imaging.
The DC-60 X-Insight’s large, high-resolution screen and optional gesture-controlled touch screen make it easy to use. The new ComboWave sensor technology, compared to previous technologies, has a new type of complex piezo elements, which significantly improves the acoustic spectrum and reduces the acoustic impedance.


Performance Beam forming with complementary echoes
Beam shaping with complementary echoes enables the use of typically unconsidered echoes from adjacent beams to form a single, more powerful and finer imaging beam that delivers better resolution for out-of-focus image areas and deeper imaging.


Advanced technology based on Mindray’s exclusive image processing algorithm for enhanced imaging of the tiniest vessels and complex flow patterns.


PSHTM (Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging)
Purified harmonic imaging for better contrast resolution for clearer images with superior resolution and less noise


With this feature, individual slices from different angles can be combined into a single image, resulting in enhanced contrast resolution and better visualization.


Improves image quality through automatic detection of structures.
– Sharp contours without tearing.
– Smoothed display of homogeneous tissues.
– Cleaner “non-reflective areas”.


A tool to perform deeper biopsies: allows adjustment of the scanning line to improve display of the needle, nerves and small vessels.


With panoramic imaging, complete with velocity display and forward and backward scanning, the user gets a detailed view of the anatomical structure and the scanning process is more convenient, reliable and manageable.


Gesture sensitive touch screen technology
A 10.4-inch touch-sensitive, smart touch screen makes it easy and intuitive to operate. The DC-60’s ability to scroll, switch, zoom, measure and perform user-defined functions with a flick of the wrist makes any task quicker and more efficient.


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