SonoScape P9V ultrasound machine




SonoScape P9V. Blood flow as it is!
SonoScape (SonoScape) paid special attention to Doppler modes. The high quality of the Doppler of SonoScape scanners allows no doubts both in the analysis of the vascularization of the organs and in complex transcranial examinations.

P9V is the first representative of the new PAD platform in a magnificent stationary body. Excellent seroscale picture, very sensitive Doppler modes – everything as usual at SonoScape.

– The platform is PAD.
– Ultrasound image level – 7 points*

* The image level given is relative. For 10 points is taken the level of the flagship model range – SonoScape S40Exp.

SonoScape. Clarity of expert systems.
Every ultrasound specialist knows how important the absence of “grain” is for reducing the load on the doctor’s eye and reducing the examination time. MicroScan technology virtually eliminates noise in the image and improves clarity of borders.

SonoScape. Pays for itself.
Best price in the color market. Extremely short time to make a quality diagnosis. All this is the key to the highest economic efficiency of SonoScape scanners.

Technical characteristics:
Large 21.5″ LCD monitor
13.3″ touch screen control panel
3 active sensor ports + 2 parking ports
Scanning modes:
C, M, C/M, C/V, 4V
Tissue harmonics
Biopsy needle navigation (biopsy guides), Biopsy needle enhanced visualization (illumination) mode
Image zoom in real-time and still image modes
Color, Power, Directed Power, Directed Power, High Spatial Resolution, Pulsed Wave (PW), CW, Tissue Doppler (optional)
Duplex, triplex modes
Compound Imaging (ultrasound beam swing mode)
Trapezoidal scan on linear transducers
Anatomic M Mode (optional), Color M Mode (optional), Panoramic Scanning (optional)
MicroScan speckle noise reduction technology
Digital workstation:
500 GB hard drive, USB 2.0, Ethernet, DICOM 3.0
Drawing and importing reports with the ability to add images
Maintaining a database of patients, the ability to save and search for images and clips in different fields of the database.
All kinds of veterinary examinations
SonoScape P9V ultrasound transducers
P-L741 – 4-15MHz/46mm, linear transducer
P-C613 – 4-11MHz/R14mm, 90D, microconvex transducer for veterinary use
P-7P-B – 4-8MHz, 90D, sector phased sensor for veterinary use

24 months warranty on system and 12 months warranty on sensors.


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