Video colposcope SLV-101




The SLV-101 digital videocollposcope is a compact, portable device with state-of-the-art solutions for detecting pathological changes in the epithelium and blood vessels of the vagina and cervix.

During the creation of took into account the extensive experience of gynecologists, which allowed to develop a maximally functional and comfortable videokolposkopo suitable for the examination of any gynecological chair.

Availability of Full-HD monitor allows you to display an image study in real time, allowing you to monitor the process of several doctors simultaneously.

The standard package videokolposkopo:
Videocolposcope on a movable tripod with a convenient swivel stand and a 5-wheel base
21 inch LCD monitor
Rotary instrument table
BMT GynLab Software
The SLV-101 videoscope features:

Ease of detecting pathology even with minor changes in tissue shape and color due to digital magnification;
Possibility of simultaneous participation of several doctors in the examination process;
Ability to monitor disease dynamics by comparing the image before and after treatment;
Fifth-generation ultra-white LEDs for superior light transmission
Built-in polarizing filter significantly reduces glare
Electronic green filter for better visualization of pathological subepithelial vessels and epithelial structures;
USB output allows images to be transferred to any computer for display, storage, processing and printing;
Ergonomic control panel allows easy control of ZOOM, focus, freeze frame modes;
BMT GynLab software.
BMT GynLab digital colposcope software features:

Creation of a catalog of patients to be examined;
Automatic search through the database;
Archiving and printing the acquired images;
Generating reports based on examination results;
ability to print these reports;
Using visual reports for scientific and clinical work, for consultations with specialists, etc;
built-in anatomical atlas allows you to compare the obtained images with the suggested variants.


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